Maori Priest Encounter



 Maori Priest Encounters


Kia ora (greetings) my name is Darren Brown a Maori Priest and descendant of the sacred canoe of priests known as the Takitimu canoe that arrived here on the shores of Aotearoa (New Zealand) in the year AD 1350.

In pre european times the Maori Priest (tohunga) played a significant role in the life and affairs of the Maori People. They would mediate between the atua (gods) and their tribes, they would give advise about economic activities, were experts in sacred lore, spiritual beliefs, traditions and geneologies of the tribe.

Maori Priest encounters gives you the opportunity to journey into our world of Maori in a deeper, personal and more meaningful way as you spend time with a local Maori Priest. Hear about our stories and proud history, learn about the Maori people from times past into the present and moving forward into the future. You may begin your journey with us as strangers but you will leave with the blessing, comfort and manaakitanga of our people.



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